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W2 Communications

WCommunications is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in strategic executive and career planning, professional development, diversity, equity, and inclusion training for individual, corporate and nonprofit entities.  

For over 15 years, the firm has proudly influenced and created opportunities for success yielding intended objectives and outcomes for a broad range of public and private enterprises including AT&T, AARP New York, Academic Impressions, American Council on Education, IndigoLife, United Way, and the City of Albany, GA. 


Dr. Wendy Wilson

W2 Communications’ president and chief executive officer, Dr. Wendy Wilson is recognized as a premier executive and career planning strategist. She is a transformational leader with over 25 years of experience in advancing organizational operations and profiles throughout post-secondary education and corporate systems. Her knowledge, coaching and training expertise has propelled and advanced the careers of hundreds of clients throughout the United States.


Wilson is noted in the southwest Georgia region as the host of Realizing Potential, a decade’s long television show highlighting the accomplishments of state and regional leadership. Wilson expanded the region’s platform  to feature notable conversations with UNICEF Ambassador and film star Danny Glover and trained dancer and actor, Jasmine Guy. 


Dr. Wilson is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She holds a Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Curriculum Leadership from Columbus State University, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Bluefield College.

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Client testimonials


Aliyah Johnson, White House Staffer

"My service experience with W2 Communications equipped me with the tools to articulate my aim and desired mission to cater to the vision of the Biden-Harris Administration as a political appointee.  Dr. Wilson’s teachings as an executive coach, led me to master preserving my authenticity while enunciating the impact I’ve made in various spaces over the years.  Her guidance provides you with insight AND strategy to not only get your foot in the door but reach the next dimension, making the path more rewarding for you and others.   I am overjoyed with thankfulness as W2 Communications has been a light on my professional and personal journey."

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